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Ranthambore National Park

Discover the Majesty of Ranthambore National Park

The unforgettable journey into the heart of the barren region with our outstanding Tiger Safari in Ranthambore, India – an enjoy that guarantees to etch recollections of untamed beauty and majestic encounters. Welcome to the nice Tiger Safari in India, wherein the magical appeal of Ranthambore National Park unveils the raw and spell binding world of those outstanding creatures. Nestled inside the southeastern a part of Rajasthan, Ranthambore National Park stands as a testomony to India’s wealthy biodiversity.


The Best Tiger Safari Experience


Our Tiger Safari in Ranthambore gives an exceptional opportunity to witness the regal tigers in their natural habitat. Accompanied with the aid of pro naturalists and professional courses, venture into the heart of the park aboard mainly designed safari motors. Traverse the rugged terrains and open grasslands as you hold a eager eye out for the elusive massive cats, whose distinct orange and black stripes combination seamlessly with the vibrant surroundings.

ranthambore tiger

Ranthambore National Park Safari Timings

Month Morning Trip Afternoon Trip
October 1st to October 31st 6.30 A.M. to 10.00 A.M. 2.30 P.M. to 6.00 P.M.
November 1st to January 31 st 7.00 A.M. to 10.30 A.M. 2.00 P.M. to 5.30 P.M.
February 1st to March 31st 6.30 A.M. to 10.00 A.M. 2.30 P.M. to 6.00 P.M.
April 1st to May 15th 6.00 A.M. to 9.30 A.M. 3.00 P.M. to 6.30 P.M.
May 16th to June 30th 6.00 A.M. to 9.30 A.M. 3.30 P.M. to 7.00 P.M.

Luxurious Accommodations

Enhance your Tiger Safari experience with a live in our carefully curated luxurious inns. Immerse yourself within the opulence of nicely-appointed inns and motels that seamlessly mixture with the natural surroundings. Indulge in international-elegance amenities and services that complement the thrill of your wildlife adventure, growing an oasis of comfort amidst the desolate tract.

ranthambore tiger

Capture the Magic Through Photography

Our experienced guides help in positioning you for the ideal shot, making sure which you leave with undying memories frozen in each body.


Plan Your Tiger Safari Adventure


Embark on the quality Tiger Safari in India, in which every moment is a brushstroke in the canvas of nature’s grandeur. Plan your journey with us and permit the roar of the majestic tigers resonate on your coronary heart. Immerse yourself in the untamed splendor of Ranthambore, in which each rustle within the grass and each footprint inside the soil narrates a story of the wild.

Don’t miss your chance to witness the royal Bengal tigers in their herbal habitat – reserve your Tiger Safari in Ranthambore today and embark on a adventure that guarantees the joys of an entire life.

Why Ranthambore is Trending Worldwide

Ranthambore has won international approval for its thriving wildlife, specifically its Bengal tiger population. The park’s numerous landscape, ancient ruins, and rich biodiversity make it a charming destination for nature fans and flora and fauna photographers international. The successful conservation efforts and the possibility to witness majestic tigers of their natural habitat make contributions to Ranthambore’s international recognition.

Tiger Safari at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve

Embarking on a Tiger Safari at Ranthambore Tiger Reserve is an unprecedented enjoy. Guided through seasoned naturalists, visitors traverse the reserve's various terrains, from dense forests to open grasslands, in especially designed safari vehicles.

Experience the Country's Best Tiger Safari at Ranthambore

Ranthambore often is the us of a's most beneficial destination for tiger safaris, presenting a unique combo of flora and fauna encounters and scenic splendor. The park's nicely-maintained infrastructure, informed courses, and dedication to conservation make contributions to an high-quality safari revel in, making it the high-quality tiger safari vacation spot in India.

Timings of Tiger Safari in Ranthambore National Park

The timings for Tiger Safaris in Ranthambore National Park are typically divided into morning and night classes. The morning safari generally begins at dawn, providing foremost opportunities for natural world sightings. The nighttime safari commences in the overdue afternoon, permitting visitors to witness the park's nocturnal natural world. Timings might also vary, so it is beneficial to check with the park authorities or tour operators.

Ranthambore Fort (UNESCO Site)

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Ranthambore Fort is a ancient gem nestled in the national park.

Ganesha Temple

The Ganesha Temple, placed within the Ranthambore Fort, is a spiritual oasis amidst the desert.

Village Walk

Immerse yourself in the neighborhood subculture with a village walk around the outskirts of Ranthambore

Experience Luxury Staycation with Wildlife Tiger Safari in Ranthambore, India

Enhance your Ranthambore experience with a luxury staycation. Indulge in opulent lodges that seamlessly combination with the herbal environment, offering a perfect mixture of consolation and desolate tract. Experience the joys of tiger safaris coupled with the lavish facilities of luxury hotels, growing an unforgettable stay.

Luxury Hotels & Resorts in Ranthambore with a Leisure Experience

Ranthambore boasts a choice of luxurious motels and inns, every providing a leisurely break out amidst the flora and fauna. Experience world-class hospitality, rejuvenating spa remedies, and gourmand eating, complemented by using the sounds of the wilderness

Best Hotels in Ranthambore are as follows

You can book any of the resort, all have a good hospitality.

Explore more

Village Walk

Explore the attraction of rural lifestyles with a Village Walk round Ranthambore. Engage with neighborhood groups, witness traditional practices, and benefit insights into the harmonious coexistence of villagers and natural world. This immersive experience offers a cultural touch to your flora and fauna journey.

How to Reach Ranthambore (Nearest Airport)

The nearest airport to Ranthambore is Jaipur International Airport (JAI), placed approximately a hundred and eighty kilometers away. From Jaipur, it is easy to choose a scenic force or choose from numerous transportation options to attain Ranthambore, making it handy for home and international vacationers.

Animals – Birds of Ranthambore (Flora and Fauna)

Ranthambore is domestic to a various array of flora and fauna, together with Bengal tigers, leopards, deer, and a myriad of chook species. The park's plants and fauna create a unique atmosphere, presenting a charming backdrop for wildlife lovers and nature lovers alike.

Ranthambore National Park – Ticket Prices

Ticket expenses for Ranthambore National Park vary primarily based on factors together with nationality, vehicle kind, and zones inside the park. Generally, quotes are affordable, with distinct costs for Indian and foreign traffic. It's really useful to check the reputable website or with park authorities for the modern-day ticket fees and reserving information.

Canter & Gypsy Safari in Ranthambore National Park

Canter or Gypsy Safari in Ranthambore National Park to witness its colourful natural world. Canter safaris accommodate large companies, providing a shared enjoy, at the same time as Gypsy safaris offer a greater intimate setting. Both alternatives are led by using professional guides, ensuring a interesting exploration of the park's diverse landscapes and natural world.

What are chances to get conformed tiger safari slots?

1. Advance Tiger Safari Booking Quota for Canter & Gypsy Tiger Safari: Unlocking the Wilderness Adventure

For natural world fanatics seeking a unbroken and deliberate adventure, the Advance Tiger Safari Booking Quota gives a great solution. With this reserving choice, visitors can specify their preferred touring date, and our crew will directly provide statistics at the availability of Tiger Safaris for both Canter and Gypsy rides. The flexibility of this booking quota extends to a top notch 9 months, spanning from October to June. This massive time frame lets in keen vacationers to steady their Tiger Safari slots well in advance in their deliberate visit, enhancing the benefit of scheduling and preparations. Once the supply is showed for the chosen date, traffic can continue to stable their strengthen safari reserving. This proactive method ensures a easy and organized Wilderness revel in within the renowned Ranthambore National Park. By choosing the Advance Tiger Safari Booking Quota, adventurers can count on an exhilarating stumble upon with the majestic Bengal tigers and other flora and fauna inhabitants of this charming natural reserve.

2. Current Tiger Safari Booking Quota for Canter Safari: Spontaneous Wilderness Excitement

For those who thrive on spontaneity and like a last-minute journey, the Current Tiger Safari Booking Quota solely for Canter Safari offers a thrilling alternative. This unique booking feature opens just one day before the favored visiting date, including an element of unpredictability to the safari revel in. The confirmed Safari affirmation voucher is challenge to the group on that precise day, considering elements consisting of any ongoing fairs, giant weekends of the 12 months, and different occasion-related variables. This dynamic approach guarantees that traffic partake in an immersive safari revel in that aligns with the present day ambiance and energy of the Ranthambore National Park. While this reserving quota caters specifically to Canter Safaris, it offers an impromptu adventure into the desolate tract, in which every tour is fashioned via the day’s instances and the keenness of fellow adventurers. Embrace the unpredictability, and allow the fun of spontaneous exploration guide your Tiger Safari enjoy. Whether it’s a pageant celebration or a special weekend, this reserving option guarantees an exciting rendezvous with Ranthambore’s majestic wildlife, including an detail of wonder to each safari time out.

3. Tatkal Tiger Safari Booking Quota for Exclusive Tiger Gypsy Safari: Experiencing Wilderness Luxury.

One-of-a-kind and highly-priced wildlife journey with the Tatkal Tiger Safari Booking Quota tailored for the esteemed Tiger Gypsy Safari. This precise reserving choice opens seven days earlier than the intended travelling date, presenting a stability among spontaneity and a well-planned safari experience. The confirmed Safari confirmation voucher is intricately tied to the dynamics of the day, accounting for factors inclusive of the gang, any ongoing gala’s, good sized weekends of the year, and other event-related concerns. Explore the wilderness in style, with the comfort and privateness of a Gypsy safari tailor-made for your preferences. Whether it is a pageant party or a incredible weekend, every safari day out promises a steeply-priced rendezvous with Ranthambore’s majestic wildlife. Immerse yourself in the untamed splendour of nature whilst relishing the lavishness of a one-of-a-kind Tiger Gypsy Safari, developing reminiscences that transcend the normal safari enjoy.
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